Your neighbourhood, your community



To safeguard and promote the interests of residents of the Ford Bank Estate in Didsbury


  1. To encourage a safe and friendly neighbourhood
  2. To foster a sense of community
  3. To promote attractive surroundings

The committee operates as a conduit for our members with information distributed through a number of vehicles including e-mail, a comprehensive website, a WhatsApp Group for crime-related activity and regular meetings and gatherings.

Through relations with Manchester City Council and neighbouring community groups our residents are informed about planning proposals, road and transport issues, education matters, crime trends, environmental topics and opportunities for health and wellbeing.

We promote social activities and celebrate the work of local initiatives within our neighbourhood such as Didsbury in Bloom.

Importantly, we provide a vehicle for engagement and participation in local affairs to strengthen community life and the area’s unique character.

FBRA campaigns on behalf of all residents, children and adults of all ages.


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