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Good Neighbour Poster

FordBank Residents Association

Being a Good Neighbour means:

  • Keeping my hedges trimmed so they do not overgrow onto pavements.
  •  Parking with consideration.
  • Leaving the Didsbury Sports Ground with little social disturbance from social events.
  • Taking my litter home with me.
  • Driving at 20 miles per hour on Ford Lane and Dene Road.
  • Providing details for my neighbours when I am away, including assistance with the burglar alarms.
  • Keeping my drains clear as possible.
  • Clearing up my dog mess.
  • Being aware of suspicious behaviour/people and link to ‘No Cold Calling Zone’.
  • Forming an Action group for sweeping up after storm damage/ twigs/branches.
  • Looking out for one another.


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