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Minutes from 25.9.14

Fordbank Residents Association – Second Meeting
25th September 2014
Didsbury Sports Ground 7pm
Ford Lane: Apostolos Antonacopoulos (16), Joyce Kirk (30), Andrew and Katya (32), Isabel Kennedy (44), Rachel and Lee Woods (46), Norma Fletcher and David Hellier (56), Chris Caplin (60), Jackie and Tony Butterworth (62), Jane McLaughlin (64).
Fordbank Road: Angela Green (11), Stan and Ann Pritchard (20), June Owen (22), Aisha Zahir (29),
Dene Road: Jennifer Ford (33), Karen Martin-Malies (44), Roger Platford (59), Pat and Ciara Cullen (74), Alison Bowyer (75). Shaun CBD
Highfield (Dene Road): Stefan Bielecki (F13)
Deneford Road: Phil and Tracy Holstead (26)
Granville Gardens: Jack and Sylvia Belton (11), Milly Taylor and R. Taylor (17),
Harefield Drive: John Llewllyn (7)
Westmorland Road: Chris and Ruth Mullin (10).
Whitehaven: Mike Clarke (20).
Woodford Gardens: Mike and Joyce Cunningham (24), Mike and Julie Broderick (35).

39 resident attendees, plus Chair (TB) and Secretary (RED).

Invited Guests: Councillor Carl Ollerhead, Councillor David Ellison and Councillor Jeff Smith; Steve Parle (Chair of Didsbury Civic Society); Mickayla (PSO) and Russell Hotye (DSG).

Apologies: Dave Kramer, Lucy Holden.

1. Minutes of last meeting and matters arising.
TB introduced the meeting and discussed the minutes from the previous meeting. TB thanked everyone for a large turnout. TB described action completed following last meeting.
RED introduced matters arising – noticeboard and social event.

2. List of attendees.
RED distributed list of attendees on spreadsheet for everyone to sign. Lee Woods kindly assisted with this.

3. Update from Treasurer.
MT gave an update on subscription fees. 11 more households have joined. The RA has joined DSG (£25). Further members also joined on the evening.

4. RA Website.
Shaun from Creative Blue Design demonstrated the new website, use and function. He suggested that a local photographer could continue to add images to the website. Any volunteers to contact Rachel or Tony via the website: Shaun was thanked for giving his time and expertise for free.

5. FordBank RA Logo.
Shaun was thanked again for the logo; a number of attendees (and Councillors) were very complementary of this design.

6. Invited Guest: Councillor Jeff Smith.
Jeff updated the RA on MMU site development which consists of 3 areas- playing fields (around Simon’s bridge), Halls of Residence (Broomhurst) and MMU site. The playing fields will not be developed, the halls of residence will be a new primary school and the MMU site will have the listed buildings converted into 40 apartments and 30 new build high quality residential houses.
P J Livesey has been awarded the contract to develop the site but there are certain requirements for the building work, namely – the heritage of the site will be maintained, the character of the area will be intact e.g. trees and green spaces, they will use local labour and they will fund the maintenance of the tennis courts at Fletcher Moss Gardens. A Planning Application will be submitted in December. It was also suggested that the Council will be asking for contributions for green areas too. Development would be commencing in 2015.
Steve Parle suggested that December did not provide enough opportunity for residents to study the plans and suggested to the Councillors that it should be submitted in January 2015 instead.
The plans for the school will also be outlined within next couple of months and the school will be a non-denominational school and not a free school. There will be a new free school in West Didsbury on the Ewing Site and Broadoak Primary school still has places. The aim for this school would be to open within the next 2-5 years.

7. Invited Guest: Steve Parle, Chair of Didsbury Civic Society.
Please see link on our website.
Steve gave a brief history of the Civic Society which was set up in the 1950s. Didsbury has 32 listed buildings and structures which is the highest in Greater Manchester (apart from the City Centre). In 1960/70s there were plans to demolish 420 houses as part of the slum clearance and there was a high proportion of rented accommodation in Didsbury. The residents objected and won and then spent time starting to create the centre of Didsbury as it is now. 800 members to start with and it maintains heritage and planning at its core. Around 10 years ago a new swell of members came on board which dedicated their time to heritage, social events, planning applications, visits out, open meetings for people, Garden party, Didsbury Festival, Didsbury friends, etc. They currently have 600 members and they have a number of achievements they are rightly proud of- the Jubilee Gardens outside Café Nero built in 2002 costing £35000, the annual Didsbury Heritage Days for 16/17 buildings in Didsbury and West Didsbury and they were awarded first prize for a recent award for being an original member of the flagship for heritage, as it has been running for 20 years. The flagship is The Old Parsonage which is a listed building providing space for the community, which is self-financing and now employees 4 staff.
The DSC continues to work on planning applications, contacting local councillors, community support, recruitment, publicity and marketing.
Heritage brochures are available for £1.
Chalk bar licence to 2am was raised and it was stated that the licence has been granted to 2am but the planning application has not. Planning overrides licencing permissions. If it is open to 2am it is breaking planning laws.

8. Update from Tony Butterworth, Chair.
Ward Coordination Meeting – joined up with local councillors, RAs, DSC about the Ward Coordination meetings and discussed areas of common interest.
Trees – Manchester University are continuing their work of the removing the growth from 5m way from the wall on Ford Lane.
Grant – new one submitted to help maintain the website.
Bradley Fold Allotments – Gordon Lorimar (Chair) – thanked TB for the support in removing the Japanese Knotweed. They have had a number of break-ins from the locked sheds and shop. They will continue to work with the RA on security and environmental issues.

9. Invited Guest: Mickalya Simmons (MS).
Mickalya described her area which is very large. She suggested that we set up a petition on the website for the area to become a ‘No Cold Call’ zone. She said there had been 87 crimes in the area over the past 3 months which includes burglaries and car crimes.
She gave out various leaflets which show how to prevent crimes to the home and said she was happy to support individual households and undertake a crime survey if you contact her directly.
‘101’ is the number for non-emergencies.
She reminded residents that vigilance is important and to look for patterns in behaviour.
Resident from 64 Ford Lane expressed her thanks in reducing the number of motorbikes riding up Ford Lane.

10. Update from Secretary.
RED updated on ‘Britain in Bloom’ and thanked Mr and Mrs Thomas (36 Ford Lane) for all their amazing work.
Noticeboard has not been sourced yet, but suggestions from the Bradley Fold Allotments on assistance were offered.
RED discussed her meeting with Richard Salisbury Neighbourhood Engagement and Delivery Officer about the car park at the end of Ford lane. He had stated that there will be usual maintenance of trees and shrubbery around the car park and also Stenner Lane; they will repair the damaged picnic bench on the riverside; erect new signage in the area; and work towards resurfacing the car park alongside the work on Ford Lane. In the meantime, they will filling the holes with loose gravel in October.
Resident (62 Ford Lane) suggested bins to be placed in the area.

11. Social Event.
Please let TB and RED know if you are willing to help. It will be agenda item for next meeting.
Resident form 64 Ford lane suggested that residents stay after the meetings to socialise.
DSG has the annual fireworks on 7th November for a small fee.
Resident suggested that Dave Kramer has volunteered his band.

12. Invited Guests: Councillors Carl Ollerhead (CO) and David Ellison (DE).
CO said they were pleased that Dene Road had been resurfaced and that Ford Lane had had large patch repairs and in on the 2015 priority list as it is part of the National Cycling Route and access needed for local resources of River Mersey, DSG and BFA.
Lighting still needs follow up at the quoted costs were high – CO to follow up.
Planning Applications – any concerns including house extensions, pot holes, bars and restaurants, Fletcher Moss, to be forwarded to DE.
Resident stated they were very concerned about the steep road at the end of Ford Lane by DSG as a cyclist with the water and loose gravel and the access path from the car park at the end of Ford Lane onto the River Mersey.
Resident stated that the hedges other side of Simon’s bridge over grown – DE to follow up.
Resident stated about the springs on Ford Lane and this being resolved prior to Ford Lane being resurfaced and the condition of the gully near the playing fields– CO to follow.
A number of residents expressed grave concern about the resurfacing of Dene Road on a number of reasons – some of it was already damaged, a number of kerb stones were damaged during the resurfacing and now a health and safety concern – CO/DE to follow up.
A number of residents also stated that Dene Road should have been 20 mph. CO and MS to research speeding.

13. Social Media Committee Member.
Any volunteers to forward their names to TB or RED via the website.

14. Invited Guest: DSG.
Russell stated that it’s a year since the club had been finished and they were pleased the local residents were using the facilities, for example, tonight’s meeting.
He stated that the Hedgerow around the perimeter was going to have some attention.
He asked that all dog walkers were vigilant near the rugby pitches for any fouling. TB raised a concern that a number of dog walking companies had been seen in the area. The Councillors suggested that contacting them with names, car registrations and photos would be useful. Russell stated that they did not want to get to a stage where dog walking would be banned on site.
Car park has been remarked with white lines and this can cause issues during fixtures. They are asking players to park sensibly around the area.

15. Date of next meeting.
The next meeting 15th January 2015 to be held at Didsbury Sports Ground, 7pm.

16. AOB.
Lee Woods reminded everyone to ensure they had signed in.

Meeting closed at 8.35pm.
Photographer to update images on website.
Any volunteers to send details to TB or RED via
Contact Gordon Lorimor for details of a noticeboard builder
To contact remaining residents for subscription fees
Contact Resident 29 Fordbank Road about Social Media member
Social Events Volunteers
Any volunteers to send details to TB or RED via
To circulate minutes to all households in the area
To book the venue for next meeting
Contact Richard re: bins in Ford Lane car park
To work with the PSO(Michaela) in creating a ‘no cold call’ area
TB/RED through petition on website
To work with the local councillors to ensure the estate is continuing to be resurfaced and any other resident concerns.
To discuss and plan agenda and date for next meeting

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