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Minutes of the inaugural meeting

Fordbank Residents Association – Inaugural meeting

16th January 2014

Didsbury Sports Ground 7pm


Ford Lane: Apostolos Antonacopoulos (16), Sarah Haigh and David Pollard (20), Mary and John Thomas (36), Isabel Kennedy (44), Rachel and Lee Woods (46), Gavin Locke (52), Chris Capli (60), Jackie and Tony Butterworth (62), Jane McLaughlin (64).

Fordbank Road: Stan and Ann Pritchard (20), Bill Birkhead (25), Jean Johnston (31).

Dene Road: Amjad Husien (78).

Deneford Road: Maria Royo (10).

Granville Gardens: Dave Kramer (10), Milly Taylor (17), R. Taylor (17), Siobhan Watson (20), Imala Hoelan (22).

Harefield Drive: Trevor Gate (5), Carla Richards (11), Kate Dean (19), Cameron Smith (21).

Whitehaven: Mike Clarke (20).

Woodford Gardens: John Waterton (1), Mike and Joyce Cunningham (24), Isabel Kelso (33).

No address: Graham Heavey.

  1. 1.    Welcome and introductions.

Tony Butterworth (TB) introduced the reasons behind setting up of the Residents Association (RA) and highlighted key aspects of history involving Ford Lane and Simon’s Field. TB also outlined the brief principles behind the RA, how the group can work with and learn from Manchester City Council and the West Didsbury RA.

  1. 2.    Short presentation and discussion with Pam Siddons – previous Chair of the West Didsbury RA.

Pam described her involvement in the West Didsbury RA; their structure and the campaigns the group had been involved with. The summary of this presentation included: she joined in 1983; there are currently 600 members; there is a regular monthly meeting held at The Albert Club where 20 people are usually present; they are proud to be associated with The Albert Club; they have to work with 6 different local councillors due to the boundaries of their area; they have an AGM once a year; regular email contact with all members includes a newsletter and twitter feed; their main aim is to improve the West Didsbury area and to create a social and community feeling amongst the residents.

Events and campaigns they have been involved in include: ‘WestFest’ a festival involving the shops and bars of Burton Road; protecting and planting new trees (in association with Manchester Airport grants for trees); renovating the Victorian veranda on lapwing Lane; cleaning up the old railway line; being involved in the consultation of the new MetroLink Tame line; reviewing and possible objecting to licences of bars and restaurants; working with local police in developing crime prevention; setting up social events involving all aspects of the community utilising neighbour grant from Manchester City Council; applying for and using ‘106 money’; reviewing all planning applications that are sent to the RA on a weekly basis including housing, bars and restaurants; reviewing and replacing street furniture utilising various grants e.g. benches, bins, dog bins, light, pavement kerb stones and tarmacking of pavements and roads; reviewing the HS2 plans; attending Ward Coordination meetings but also maintaining a balance in their constitution that they have a balance of fighting certain campaigns only and creating a social membership.

  1. 3.    Consideration and adoption of an East Didsbury RA Constitution.

TB presented this document which was obtained from the Rowntree Trust. This was agreed as a document.

  1. 4.    Election of Officers.

Chair – Tony Butterworth – TB- (62 Ford Lane)

Secretary – Rachel Dalton-Woods – RED- (46 Ford Lane)

Treasurer – Mille Taylor – MT- (17 Granville Gardens)

Social Secretary – Jane McLaughlin – JM – (64 Ford Lane)

General members – Lee Woods – LW- (46 Ford Lane); Siobhan Watson – SW-(20 Granville Gardens); John Thomas- JT- (36 Ford Lane); Cameron Smith – CS- (21 Harefield Drive)


  1. 5.    The advantages and potential of a Residents Association – Councillor Carl Ollerhead.

Carl described the benefits of being a collective voice rather than individuals stating this had more power and influence in persuading the council to act in the area. He described that as a RA there were numerous grants and resources available to tap into. He expressed a wish to attend as many meetings as possible.

  1. 6.    To agree a plan of work for 2014.

  • To agree an RA annual subscription fee (per household) – £5 per household was agreed.
  • To consider approaching the Joseph Rowntree Housing Trust – TB agreed to investigate
  • Other possible Activities e.g. publicity in the local paper; trendy logo; leaflet the area and create further awareness; Good neighbours Day to be planned for end of May in conjunction with Didsbury Sports Ground; contact John Leech MP; investigate National Cycle Route; investigate the use of Mersey Valley Committee and contact Manchester University regarding the trees and wall.

  1. 7.    Any other business.

TB thanked Didsbury Sports Ground for hosting the meeting. Didsbury Sports Ground also encouraged the use of social membership and distributed relevant application forms. Contact Russell Hoyte on 07442507601/01614462146.

TB expressed thanks for the large turnout.

The constitution was signed by the Chair, Secretary and Treasurer.

  • Date and location for a next meeting

The next meeting Thursday 27th March 7pm 2014 to be held at Didsbury Sports Ground.


To produce a logo   for the RA RED
To circulate minutes   to all households in the area RED
To circulate a top   three concerns sheet to form the basis of the next agenda RED
To circulate   residents fee agreement sheet RED/ MT
To open a RA account   and collect money MT
To book the venue   for next meeting RED
To start to organise   a’ neighbours day’ for May in conjunction with Didsbury Sports Ground JM
To discuss and plan   agenda for next meeting TB

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