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Ward Coordination Meeting

Tony attended the last meeting on 21.11.14.

Summary of the key points:
* A map of the Ford Bank area was shown with a few priority roads identified. However, the council is facing another £1 million cut for 2015.
* Footways repairs for Dene Road are being completed.
* Green bins will now only be emptied every two weeks and green bags will be introudced. The estate was praised for using bins correctly and being known as a ‘green’ area – well done us!
* Leaves will be collected from the roads.
* A new ‘gully machine’ has been bought which means the city now has 2 for clearing blocked drains. If you report it they will respond in 12-16 weeks!
* More improvements are going to be made in Fletcher Moss park.
* There will be a consultation at MMU site in November by Livseys.
* Christmas Fair to be held at Parsonage Trust on 30th November.

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